Family Law

Family Law:



Zacharias Koulias Law Office prides itself in our reputation with regards to the swift and non-aggressive resolution of all matters with regards to family law, such as pre-marital advice, post-marital disputes and international child abduction.

We consider pre-marital advice to be of vital importance in order to avoid complications and disputes with regards to family law matters such as pre-marital and post-marital property, child support etc. Therefore, our team of professional lawyers is ready to share its expertise in order to avoid complications and disputes that could end a marriage and/or negatively have an impact in a child’s life.

We understand that post-marital disputes are sensitive subjects that can be very stressful for all the parties involved, regardless if it is a divorce, child support, maintenance or property disputes. Therefore, our office encourages communication in order to ensure a beneficial outcome for all the parties while safeguarding our client’s intentions. Our lawyers’ expertise in negotiating and settling cases before court proceedings aims to help our clients avoid unnecessary expenses and stress.

Furthermore, Cyprus, due to its civil wedding legislation has become a popular place for European and Middle Eastern couples who can get married at any local Municipality via a very straightforward process. Our lawyers can provide information and counselling with regards to the aforesaid procedures at any given time in order to assist any interested party.

It is also very significant that Cyprus is one of the signatories to many major international treaties concerning family law matters including the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction and the Family Courts of Cyprus have jurisdiction over proceedings initiated by the above treaties.